Granby Charter Days 6-15-14

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Recent Headlines

in Entertainment

George Lucas to new ‘Star Wars’ film: I’m your divorced father


"Star Wars" creator George Lucas, who was not involved in making the long-awaited new film, "The Force Awakens," said he is as ambivalent about seeing the movie as a divorced father would be about attending his child's wedding.

in Entertainment, Viral Videos

Sleeping Santa makes Christmas pics a snap


Santa Claus won't be stopped by a sleeping baby boy. He'll improvise!

in Music

Former Slayer star forms punk band


Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo has formed a punk supergroup with members of The Locust and Retox.

in Music

Eagles of Death Metal launch cover song campaign to raise money for Paris victims


Band co-founder Josh Homme launched the Play it Forward initiative, which calls on musicians to record a cover of the song "I Love You All the Time."