GoodGuys Auto Show 6-15-13

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Recent Headlines

9 mins ago in Entertainment

‘Star Wars’ producers face charges in Harrison Ford’s on-set accident


The "Indiana Jones" star broke his leg when the door of the Millennium Falcon fell on him during filming in 2014.

2 hours ago in Music

Ace Frehley to release covers album, records with Paul Stanley


Frehley will release a covers album, entitled "Origins Vol. 1" in April, and on it he teams up with his former bandmate for "Fire and Water," a track originally recorded in 1970 by the English rock group Free.

4 hours ago in Entertainment

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ headed for Broadway debut


Harper Lee's classic novel is coming to Broadway for the first time in a new stage version written by "West Wing" writer Aaron Sorkin.

5 hours ago in Entertainment

Charlize Theron gearing up for ‘Fast 8’


The "Mad Max: Fury Road" star is in early talks to play the villain in the eighth installment of the hugely successful street racing series.

5 hours ago in Entertainment

‘Deadpool’ isn’t even out yet – but a sequel is in the works


Ryan Reynolds suits up as the homicidal mercenary, aka Wade Wilson, in the adaptation of the Marvel comic book series, which opens Friday.