Leslie in the Morning

Leslie in the Morning

Friday, April 20, 201204/20/2012

Tupac Hologram Tour

Wednesday, April 18, 201204/18/2012

News Team Leads W/Poo Story??

Tuesday, April 17, 201204/17/2012

Guy tries out for Broncos Cheersquad

Monday, April 16, 201204/16/2012

I’m Quitting Prank

Friday, April 13, 201204/13/2012

Unhappy Car Customer Trashes Showroom

Thursday, April 12, 201204/12/2012

A New Bushism

Wednesday, April 11, 201204/11/2012

Guy almost walks into bear

Tuesday, April 10, 201204/10/2012

Masturbation Furniture

Friday, April 6, 201204/06/2012

Baseball Rivalry

Thursday, April 5, 201204/05/2012

Skipped Ball On Water = Hole in One

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July 4th Grunge-A-Palooza Weekend!

This July 4th Weekend it’s a Grunge-a-palooza Weekend on Lazer 99.3! Rock out with blocks of 90’s Grunge at the top of every hour all weekend long!

Calling kid for ride when drunk?

Calling kid for ride when drunk?

Where did you meet your honey?

Where did you meet your honey?

Babe of the Day

July 2, 2015