Leslie in the Morning

Leslie in the Morning

Thursday, May 26, 201105/26/2011

Wednesday, May 25, 201105/25/2011

Bush Almost Gets It

Tuesday, May 24, 201105/24/2011

Weather Guy Cries

Friday, May 20, 201105/20/2011

Manny Punches Tosh.O

Thursday, May 19, 201105/19/2011

Don’t Let Your Girl See This

Wednesday, May 18, 201105/18/2011

Mag Cover Too Sexy?

Tuesday, May 17, 201105/17/2011

Oral Shoe Sex?

Monday, May 16, 201105/16/2011

Fan Got Away

Friday, May 13, 201105/13/2011

You Spin Me Right Round Baby…

Thursday, May 12, 201105/12/2011

Breast Enlargement App

Leslie on Demand

You Don’t Need More Babies!

This kid is my hero. Leslie


Live Music Weekend!

This Labor Day Weekend is a Live Music Weekend at Lazer 99.3 powered by Coors Light!

Babe of the Day

Sept. 1, 2014