Leslie in the Morning

Leslie in the Morning

Friday, April 29, 201104/29/2011

All Terrain Bunny Vehicle

Friday, April 29, 201104/29/2011

Are You Gonna Finish Strong?

Thursday, April 28, 201104/28/2011

Happiest Penguin EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 201104/27/2011

Ticklish Penguin Cuteness

Tuesday, April 26, 201104/26/2011

Girls + Overeating = Bad

Monday, April 25, 201104/25/2011

St. Louis Tornado

Thursday, April 21, 201104/21/2011

High School Ball Player Awesomeness

Wednesday, April 20, 201104/20/2011

What Barbie Would Look Like – Creepy!

Tuesday, April 19, 201104/19/2011

Cat “O”? What IS This?

Friday, April 15, 201104/15/2011

Sports Casters Choke Back Tears

Leslie on Demand

Alana Singing

My Friend, Alana, Singing

If I could buy a talent or two, one of them would most certainly be singing. God knows I can…

Dog Passes Out

Dog Faints From Joy

Awwww…poor little guy. Apparently, the girl had been living and working inĀ  Slovenia for two years (which, to a pooch,…


Drinking a lot in front of kids

Drinking a lot in front of kids

Babe of the Day

July 29, 2014