Leslie in the Morning

Leslie in the Morning

Thursday, November 29, 201211/29/2012

Woman Breaks Woman’s Arm (Wrestling)


Wednesday, November 21, 201211/21/2012

Turkey Bowl!


Tuesday, November 20, 201211/20/2012

Dying Fish Change Colors – Beautiful!


Monday, November 19, 201211/19/2012

SNL Funny


Friday, November 16, 201211/16/2012

How Hot Girl Becomes Not


Thursday, November 15, 201211/15/2012

Bon Jovi’s Daughter…Junkie?

Thursday, November 8, 201211/08/2012

9 Yr. Old Girl Plays Football – WELL

Tuesday, November 6, 201211/06/2012

No Babies Please!

Friday, November 2, 201211/02/2012

New Muse song. Odd, but dig it!

Wednesday, October 31, 201210/31/2012

3 Trees Fall In A Row

Leslie on Demand


July 4th Grunge-A-Palooza Weekend!

This July 4th Weekend it’s a Grunge-a-palooza Weekend on Lazer 99.3! Rock out with blocks of 90’s Grunge at the top of every hour all weekend long!

Calling kid for ride when drunk?

Calling kid for ride when drunk?

Where did you meet your honey?

Where did you meet your honey?

Babe of the Day

July 2, 2015