Leslie in the Morning

Leslie in the Morning

Wednesday, May 9, 201205/09/2012

Manatees Surprise Swimmers

Tuesday, May 8, 201205/08/2012

Springfield Stabbing

Monday, May 7, 201205/07/2012

Guy gets hit by bus

Thursday, May 3, 201205/03/2012

Tan mom abuses kid with tan?

Wednesday, May 2, 201205/02/2012

53 Yr. Old Takes Down 21 Yr. Old Fighter

Tuesday, May 1, 201205/01/2012

Dog Guards Bike

Monday, April 30, 201204/30/2012

413 Rap Video

Thursday, April 26, 201204/26/2012

Rubbing It In His Face?

Wednesday, April 25, 201204/25/2012

HAAAA!!! Storm Rocks!

Tuesday, April 24, 201204/24/2012

Never Seen Before Kurt Video

Leslie on Demand


Sharks! Plural.

North Carolina shark feeding frenzy. The frightening part, for me, is how shallow the water is. So much for feeling…

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Oct. 22, 2014